Top reasons why we use social networks
Each person has his reasons in the use of social networks based on what he wants to get from each of them. Maybe Facebook wants to have more contact with colleagues in the sector, on Twitter to share content, on LinkedIn to be in contact with companies in the sector, on Google+ for positioning issues ... ... ... Ok, I think I've gone to the motives to create a good digital image (brand) Now, and returning to the subject of the post, do you know what are the 10 reasons why people use social networks?
Well, according to a study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, the main (1) reason to use social networks (with 55%) is to maintain contact with friends to know what they are doing. It is followed (2) by keeping up with the news and current events (41%) and (3) filling that free time that is available (41%).

Yes, those are the 3 main reasons why we use social networks: friends, actuality and lack of doing something more interesting (the latter at the same level as the current one).

In fourth position would be to find content fun or entertaining as articles or videos (39%) ... and in fifth position, and tied to a percentage, to share the opinion on a particular topic (39%). The sixth reason why social networks are used is to share photos and videos with other people (38%) and the seventh reason to use them is because many of the friends are in them (36%).

In last positions are the reasons that have to do with the (8) generation of a network of contacts (33%), (9) meet new people (32%) and (10) share the details of what is being done in daily life (27%).
Now ... these are the positions of the reasons for the use of social networks by Internet users who are between 16 and 64 years old. Do those positions change a lot if we set the age range between 16 and 24? The truth is that no, except for a few exceptions. In the first position it is maintained contact with friends to know what they are doing, rises a position to kill the dead time and give less importance to be informed on current issues.

In short ... we use social networks to be in contact with friends, we are interested in what they are doing. We also use them because we want to know what is happening in the world and know what the latest news is ... we are interested in news. They keep us company in those free times in which we have nothing to do because we know that in social networks there is always someone yes or yes. We like to search and find things that entertain us and entertain us, in turn we like to comment on certain topics and products. We like to share with our colleagues ... because if they are our friends and they are there, it is that this social networks does not have to be so bad. We also like to meet new people with whom to have common points or hobbies ... we like to create a network of contacts around us. And, finally, we also like to show ourselves as we are openly (but with care) to the rest of the people.
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