Top 10 Apps for Advanced Android Users

Top 10 Apps for Advanced Android Users

IFTTT allows you to automate the work of numerous programs and services connected to your device. This application can, for example, include Wi-Fi, as soon as you come home, or make a backup of new images on the Google Drive. IFTTT supports hundreds of similar interaction scenarios between various services and applications. Choose ready-made ones or create your own automation options using the proposed template - everything is free.

App cloner
This program clones other programs. What for?   to which you can connect additional accounts.

Air droid
Perhaps it is the most functional among all services for connecting an Android device to a computer. Air Droid allows you to transfer files between the devices and the contents of the clipboard without any wires. You can also send SMS and view mobile notifications directly on your computer and even duplicate the image from the camera or the screen of your gadget to a large monitor.

In the free version of Air Droid there are restrictions on the number of connected devices and the amount of transferred files. They can be disabled by making a paid subscription.

If you use a large number of services, then you know how inconvenient it is to constantly invent, memorize and enter logins and passwords for your accounts. Password Manager LastPass eliminates these problems. It generates, securely stores and enters all the names and combinations you need in semi-automatic mode.

You just come up with a single password - for authorization in LastPass, and then the program performs everything itself, helping to quickly register and log in to other accounts.

The Clipper program can be useful for anyone who actively rewritten or often searches for information on the Web through an Android device. This is a convenient clipboard manager that provides access to all recently copied text fragments. Clipper can be used to quickly save quotes, foreign words and any interesting information in the form of notes.

Unlimited storage of notes, online synchronization between devices and some other Clipper functions are available only in the paid version of the program.

If your gadget has personal files or programs whose contents are not intended for prying eyes, you can protect them with Hexlock. This program allows you to block the entrance to the selected applications using a password, fingerprint scanner or pattern. In addition, inside Hexlock there is a protected gallery for personal videos and pictures.

Most users who are concerned about privacy, use a common password or a pin code for the screen. But Hexlock provides a more flexible protection system, with which you can protect only selected programs and files. An excellent solution to configure, for example, parental controls on Android.

All-In-One ToolBox
As you use it, a list of unnecessary programs and temporary files accumulates on the device. The application All-In-One ToolBox helps to quickly rid the gadget of all that is superfluous. It has cache cleaning and batch uninstall functions. In addition, using the All-In-One ToolBox, you can transfer programs from the device’s memory to the SD card or remove them from the startup list.

If you know English, you can follow the Android world with Drippler. This aggregator reviews, life hacking and other useful articles about applications, games and functions of the operating system from Google. Curators select the best materials from numerous foreign sources and publish them in a convenient Drippler news feed.

Solid explorer
On Google Play, you will find quite a few software guides that give you wide control over the file system.  Its advantages include a simple and stylish interface, high speed, powerful search by device, convenient tools for managing archives and files, integration with cloud services and FTP support. The program is paid with a 14-day trial period.
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