The best browser for Windows

The best browser for Windows
The article about the best browser for Windows 10, 8, or Windows 7 will start with the following: Today we can say there are 4 browsers that differ in its features - Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. We can add Apple Safari, but today Safari for Windows is turned off, and in today's article it will be even about this operating system.

Virtually all other browsers are based on Google's development (Chromium's open source code, the main contributor to this company). And these are Opera, Maxthon, Vivaldi, Torch and more. That does not mean it is not worth paying attention: even though these browsers rely on Chromium, each one offers something that does not have Google Chrome or others.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome - the most popular browser in the world - offers the fastest speed (with some exceptions, which in the last part of the article) with modern contours (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), well thought out and interlaced functionality some changes are copied close to all browsers) as well as one of the safest for the end user.

And it's not all, in fact, Google Chrome is more than just a browser today: it's a platform for running web apps, including offline (and soon I think they'll also run and run Android apps). And for me personally the best browser - it's even Chrome.
For users who use Google services, they own Android devices, this browser is really the best, being a continuation of user experience with account synchronization, offline support, running Google apps on desktop, notifications and features familiar to Android devices.
And a few other points that can be mentioned, talking about Google Chrome:

  • A large number of extensions and applications in the Ghrome Web Store.
  • Support for themes (almost all browsers on Chromium have this feature).
  • Browser development tools (for example, How do I activate the Mute button on Google Chrome tabs).
  • Bookmark manager.
  • High performance.
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android).
  • Incognito mode to avoid tracking and storing Internet activity information (in other browsers later).
  • Block pop-ups and download malware.
  • Embedded Flash Player and PDF viewer.
  • Rapid development.

Mozilla Firefox
On the one hand, I've put Google Chrome first, on the other - I'm aware of the fact that the Mozilla Firefox browser is no worse, and in some cases even surpasses the above product. So to say, which is better - Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, I find it hard. The last one is less popular in our country, and I personally do not use it, but the two browsers are almost equal, and depending on the tastes and habits of the better user, it can be one or the other.

The best browser for Windows

Firefox performance in most tests is inferior to the previous browser, only "inferior" will not be visible to the user. Although in some cases, for example, in WebGL, asm.js tests, Mozilla Firefox wins.

Mozilla Firefox's development is as fast as Chrome (and does not follow it, copying features), once a week improvements or changes in browser functionality occur.

The best browser for Windows

Mozilla Firefox Advantages:

  • Support for all Internet standards.
  • Company-independent, which collects user data, is a nonprofit open project.
  • Multiplatform.
  • Excellent performance and good security.
  • Strong development tools.
  • Synchronization features between devices.
  • Interface-related proprietary solutions (for example, filegroup, fixed file, currently appearing in other browsers, first appeared in Firefox).
  • Set of add-ons and the ability to set the browser for user requirements.
  • The latest version of Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded from the official website

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge - a relatively new browser that is included in Windows 10 (for other operating systems not available) and there are reasons to assume that for many users who do not need a special feature, installing the browser from third parties in this operating system with time will become inaccurate.

The best browser for Windows

From my point of view, in Edge, developers are best approached with the idea of ​​making the browser as simple as possible for the average user and, at the same time, quite functional for the experienced user (or the developer).

Maybe it's still too early to draw a conclusion, but I can say that the approach to "make a browser from scratch" is somewhat justified - Microsoft Edge wins in performance tests (though not all) has, I think, one of the most user-friendly interfaces, including the settings interface, and integration with Windows applications (for example, Sharing Point, which can be transformed into integration with social networking applications), as well as its own functions - such as drawing on pages or function reading (although this feature is not unique, and in Safari for OS X is done).

And finally, the Microsoft browser has created a useful trend for all users: after it was announced that Edge has the best energy efficiency, offering low battery power to the laptop,
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