Smart Focus Tips for Camtasia Studio 7

Smart Focus Tips for Camtasia Studio 7
If you plan to apply Smart Focus (SmartFocus) in the editing process, then use the following tips to help SmartFocus predict what to apply to the zoom effect.

Move your mouse over the screen slowly. Do not press the mouse button too often. Record actions on the entire screen, i.e. record full screen and export video in smaller sizes. SmartFocus is ideal for cases where you need to record the entire screen at current resolutions or higher, and export the final video at a low resolution (640x480 or less is recommended). For example, if you are recording a full-screen application, and then exporting the final video for distribution to an iPod, you cannot view the entire screen at the resolution of the iPod (320x240) without scaling.
Record video for more than 30 seconds. SmartFocus is optimized for videos longer than 30 seconds. For shorter clips, you can manually add keyframes to Zoom-n-Pau.
Move your mouse over where you want the viewer to watch. Hold the mouse pointer where the recording is made. For example, if you want the viewer to focus on a hyperlink, place the mouse pointer over or near the hyperlink.
Do not "talk" with the mouse pointer. Do not twitch, do not move the mouse pointer on the screen when you say, if your comments do not require it.
Keep the mouse pointer still while entering text. SmartFocus cannot predict the correct action if you click in the text box, move the pointer to the other side of the screen, and then start typing. If you want the viewer to see what you entered in the text field, hold the mouse pointer in the text field.
Use the mouse scroll wheel (if possible). Try using the mouse scroll wheel rather than dragging on the scroll bar. It may happen that the SmartFocus tool will increase the scroll bar and not the content of the scrollable window. For example, the mouse wheel can be used when scrolling long pages of the site.
Now let's talk about the remaining functions in the service panel in the Zoom-n-Pan section, which relate to the SmartFocus tool.
In the Intelligent Focusing section (SmartFocus) there is an option “Apply the Smart Focus to Clips Added Tool” (Apply SmartFocus to clips added). Below is the Apply SmartFocus to clip button. If you click on this button, then zoom keyframes will be added to the selected clip.
If you click on the Apply Smart Focus time time button (Apply SmartFocus to timeline), then zoom keyframes will be added throughout Camtasia Studio 7. Remember that in this case, all keyframes that were added before will be redefined.
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