How to make money -proven ways to make quick money

How to make money -proven ways to make quick money

Hello! Today you will learn how to make money for a novice at home and not only.

In this article I will give a lot of different ways to make money. All the methods listed below are working, checked by me personally.

Sale of goods from abroad

It is also a great option, which I did and continue to do, but more formally and on a large scale. Now there are opportunities to buy goods from Taobao, Aliexpress, 1688, etc.

Almost everything there is cheaper. You can simply buy there and sell on the same bulletin boards in your city. With Ebay and Aliexpress you can order absolutely to any city and any country, so this type of earnings is available to everyone! I tried to sell a lot of goods, but now I’m doing bags from China, but this will be further.

My acquaintances sell phone cases, other acquaintances sell unusual gifts and interior items, and still others sell iPhones and other Apple equipment. So try and you;)

In order to learn more about this, read the detailed article on "Business with China."

We all can do something with you and these skills can be easily sold. If you know foreign languages, you can teach others. Or, for example, you know how to repair plumbing, so why not do it for money.

Today, more and more girls prefer to work with a flexible schedule. What better way than not to regulate your working day? In the service sector, you can make good money at the hairdresser's art and makeup. Having completed special courses, more and more of my friends of girls earn money on manicure, depilation, hairstyles and make-up, preparing girls for important events (weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc.). Providing your services is a great way to make money fast.

How to make money on it? Easy! Just start to tell everyone about your services, make your website, place an ad wherever possible and everything will go uphill;) Although what I'm telling ...

How to make money on the website or blog

Making money on the Internet is easy, the main thing is to determine your niche: your website, blog, online store, selling goods from one page, etc. But about everything in more detail.

This is one of my favorite activities and for me it is not only income, but also a favorite hobby. This site-blog, on which you are now located, I gladly write and write articles for you, this is really my hobby. Also, I have had and have blogs for a living, on which I make money on advertising, on affiliate programs, and so on.

A blog differs from a site in that it is most often tied to the personality of the author, his world view and life position. It is worth noting that such blogs are more popular. But not least in their promotion is seo-optimization. Read more about this in the Business Promotion section.

A blog is an informational site where you write interesting and useful articles on topics of interest to people. If your articles are well written, search engines show them in search results, thereby giving you visitors. But you can also independently promote your blog.

When you have a lot of readers on your blog, you can easily make money on it from advertising, from affiliate programs or from posting links and paid articles. This is a working way to make money online.

additional part-time work

If you are working or studying and your schedule allows you to do additional work, do not miss this opportunity. I, too, when I was a schoolboy and a student, and also worked to earn money.

You can sit with the children or work in the store for loading and unloading work with payment at the end of the day, or you can work in your main area of ​​activity. Roughly speaking, “to levit”, but not to steal, but to levitate, to serve any clients independently, and not in the company in which you officially work. Also, there are many options for part-time free time work by courier and all sorts of handyman jobs.

If you are a student of the faculty of foreign languages, then your knowledge is enough to give additional lessons to schoolchildren. A modern approach to learning foreign languages ​​through Skype lessons is a great opportunity to recruit a group of students not only in your own city, but also in other places.
You can pack your knowledge in the training course and, thus, sell it, getting good money from it. If the information you collect helps someone, it will quickly spread among potential customers.

As additional income for successful people, during the financial recession, it is possible to organize the sale of seasonal goods: “non-freezing” in the autumn-spring period or flowers, in anticipation of spring holidays, as well as living and artificial Christmas trees a couple of weeks before the New Year.

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