How to choose charging, so as not to burn the smartphone. Yes, save

How to choose charging, so as not to burn the smartphone. Yes, save

For an ordinary person, charging is a cord, two pins and a power plug. If everything was so simple, all charges would be the same. But you noticed that with some device, your phone comes to life faster, with another - more slowly. The third charge is not suitable at all. We constantly lose them, we forget at friends or in a cafe. Every six months, be sure to go bad cable.

Charging - one of the most necessary and popular accessories. We explain what kind of charging to buy, so as not to go broke and it worked.
Inside the modern cables, a board with microcircuits is sewn up, it defines the work of the accessory in different modes: from charging to synchronization. Adapter sockets have different specifications and speeds.

Original charging: it will work for sure, but very expensive!
To whom, if not the manufacturer, know everything about their offspring! The original charger suffers from only one drawback - the high price. 3590 rubles for charging for the MacBook and the new generation of iPhone - robbery. Yes, and other brands set a high price bar. With Samsung, that Sony - from two thousand.

In Russian online stores, prices for analogues start at about 800 rubles. On Aliexpress - that is at all 300-400 rubles. Add to this the branded cable for 1990 rubles - and get a kit for quickly charging the iPhone 8 for 10% of the cost of the smartphone itself.

Prices for accessories on the Apple site bite, but the choice of alternatives is not as great as that of competitors on Android
Apple puts the old slow charging and cable into the kit, which will charge the new iPhone a maximum of 25-30% in 30 minutes. For the same half hour, the flagship of Samsung / Sony / Huawei will charge by half, and the battery capacity of Android devices is one and a half times higher. The desire to make money by selling accessories won out over common sense.

Where to buy: in the official online store of the manufacturer of the smartphone or in the nearest official store-reseller (not to be confused with a stall in the transition).

Charging "alien" proven companies: already cheaper
If you are afraid of the price, you can buy a device from a "normal" manufacturer of universal accessories. For example, Belkin, Nillkin, Qi Wireless, Anker, SnowKids and others. See re: Store retailers assortment. You will receive a guarantee that the specifications (figures of power, output current) correspond to the declared and branded guarantee. The same Belkin is among the Apple certified manufacturers.

Under Android phones, official charging makes it quite stylish and / or cute. Such exercises can be used without fear for the safety of the gadget.

Is this charge will forget? / Photo - Andru
Where to buy: on the websites of manufacturers of devices or in hardware stores. Be sure to check that the company you need is charging. The price is already average: cheaper than 500 rubles, the charger of a famous manufacturer cannot be bought.

Fakes and nouneym-charging: better buy coffee for the money
All that costs conditional 100-500 rubles and is sold in a stall in the transition is a bad choice. Such charges are divided into two types: fakes for expensive brands and nouneym.

The purpose of fakes, of course, is to be similar to the original. Nouneym is a miracle with a difficult to pronounce name of obviously Asian origin, such as Olaudem crdc.

Such charges may suddenly contain other functions, such as a flashlight.
Manufacturers of accessories named are afraid to spoil the reputation. Forgeries and nouveys have nothing to worry about - there is no reputation.

In the case of the lightning connector from Apple (and these are iPhones, starting from 5 to 7 Plus), everything is very bad. iPhone will not charge and may display a message that the accessory is not supported. And after some time, about two weeks. It is too late to return the charge to the store, and it’s too lazy to fool around for hundreds of rubles.

With USB Type C and still the most common MicroUSB connector in Android, everything is easier in terms of compatibility, but also unreliable in terms of quality.

For an inexperienced user, it is difficult to distinguish the original from a fake. Yes, the markings and the location of the contacts may differ, but very few people know how to use each specific accessory. Pay attention at least to the spelling errors and the overall quality of performance - the lack of polishing, the curvature of the assembly, and of course - the suspiciously low price. Fake here - on the left (c) Photo
Disadvantages of counterfeit charging: the discrepancy with the numbers on the label, the slowest charging, incompatibility with the claimed devices, and, of course, the short-lived controller.

The controller is an important detail that protects the phone. This is a small set of transistors, which are responsible for the fact that the smartphone automatically disconnects from charging when it reaches 100%. Plus, the controller evaluates the applied voltage and prevents overheating.

The problem is that cheap Chinese power adapters are made of dubious components. When transistors burn out, your smartphone can receive a powerful incoming current charge and burn out. And check in advance what quality of the controller in charging
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