How best to charge the phone on or off, how best to charge the phone battery

How best to charge the phone on or off, how best to charge the phone battery

How best to charge the phone battery?
 Previously, the usefulness of such a procedure was justified by the memory effect possessed by nickel-metal hydride batteries. Fully discharging and charging several times, it was possible to bring them to the maximum operating mode. Modern smartphones use lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries that do not need to "swing" - they immediately give full capacity.
"Discharge to zero." Another "bad advice" is to necessarily bring the battery to 0% before recharging. And again, its occurrence is associated with old batteries, which, due to the memory effect, reported incorrect information about their state to the controller and needed periodic calibration. For “lithium”, on the contrary, it is extremely harmful for any long stay at a low charge level. Simple statistics - when discharging to 0%, the battery can live on average for about 500 cycles, but if you don’t “plant” it below 40-50%, then this figure will triple.
How best to charge the phone - on or off? In fact, it does not matter. You can surf the Internet, play games and even make an access point through the phone while it is charging.The only advantage of turning off the phone is the ability to charge the phone as quickly as possible, because at this time it will not consume any energy at all.
"Put on the night." A lot of people are used to leaving their mobile devices to charge at night in order to get 100% guaranteed in the morning. We recommend not to abuse this algorithm. Of course, there will be no serious problems - modern controllers will not allow the battery to overheat or recharge. Reaching full capacity, the device will stop charging, but after some time, discharging by a few fractions of a percent, it will again connect to the charging and so on in a circle. These "swings" are gradually taking away battery life.
Charging the smartphone at night

The optimal charging algorithm. It was experimentally proven that the effect of degradation of lithium batteries is least pronounced in the range of charge levels from 40 to 80%. Therefore, ideally, it is advisable not to allow the phone to discharge below 40% and not to put it on a “full charge”. That is, you just need to develop a rule - gradually feed the device throughout the day - from the computer, from the adapter in the car, from the power bank in the bag, and so on. Then your smartphone will always be quite well charged, and you can use the battery for a very long time.

How best to charge the phone battery?

One of the main selection criteria when buying a mobile phone is the answer to the question “which smartphone keeps charging longer”. The main problem of all modern portable devices, including tablets, smart watches, laptops, players, etc., is the short battery life. And if a new mobile phone is able, say, to hold out for a couple of days, then after 2-3 years its charge is not enough even until the evening.

How best to charge the phone battery

There are several main reasons. First, there is the concept of natural battery degradation. The crystalline structure of the cathode gradually changes due to the migration of ions, and with each charge the capacity slowly but inevitably decreases. However, the user has the ability to both speed up the process and slow down. It all depends on how gentle conditions it creates for the battery during operation and charging. That is why in some people the battery can last more than 5 years, while in others it is completely “killed” in 1-2 years.

Probably everyone at least once heard or read the recommendations on how best to charge the phone. Some of them were initially incorrect, others have lost relevance due to changes in the design of modern batteries, while others remain useful today. In this article, we will give some tips on how to properly charge a smartphone on Android or any other operating system. In addition, we will disprove or confirm the most popular myths about this.
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