20 tips for using the internet safely and responsibly

20 tips for using the internet safely and responsibly

If you are starting to use the Internet or join a new Social Network, we recommend that you consider 20 useful tips that will help you improve and take care of our experience in the world 2.0. We must bear in mind that there are some dangers that we can avoid if we are ready and we know what to do in certain cases.

The material was prepared by Jesús Jarque García who shared 20 useful tips and added one more recommendation.

1- Connect to the Internet in the presence of an adult. For this, the computer can be placed, not in an isolated place, but in a usual place in the house. If this is not possible, the screen must be positioned so that the screen can be seen when entering or staying in the room.

2- Parents should know enough to be able to talk with them about the contents and use they make of the Internet.

3- Parents must navigate with them.

4- Warn the children that they should never give personal information, nor be left to meet with any person known in the network.

5- Limit the pages that can be visited, for this: -Install programs that restrict access to pages of certain content. - Add to the "Favorites" folder those pages that can be visited. -Consult the History to know the pages that are being visited. -Advert to the telephone operator that facilitates the connection that prohibits the connection with additional rate.

6- Limit the Internet connection time so you do not neglect other activities. Also, keep it from connecting to the Internet during the night.

7- The Internet is a network that communicates to millions of people through the computer, physically separated from each other and belonging to very different and sometimes opposed contexts.8- In itself it is neither good nor bad, like everything, it depends on the use that give him In the case of the boys it has many advantages, but also many disadvantages.

9- It is therefore appropriate that parents take into account some of the tips proposed here.

10- You can immediately consult information related to the studies: encyclopedias, dictionaries, documentaries, data ...

11- There is access to different school materials: worksheets, exercise models, drawings, explanations of tasks ...

12- Didactic games related to the main subjects can be made from the computer.

13- Press news can be consulted and compared.

14- The email with well-known people is an agile way to communicate and send information.

15- In short, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information, you can enter all and all kinds of information easily and quickly accessing content, pictures and videos not suitable for children: pornography, violence, drugs ...

16- The child can provide personal information that is within their reach and that compromises the safety of the family: credit card number, ID, telephone, address, profession, etc. Internet is a favorable place for scams, deceptive advertising or extra charge.

17- In chats, you can relate to people you do not know, who hide or disguise your identity and may have bad intentions. It also establishes a form of virtual relationship that is both real and not real.

18- You can isolate, so that children prefer the virtual relationship, for example through Messenger, to the direct relationship.

19- You can spend too much time neglecting other activities: studies, sports, relationship with the family ...

20- It can create an authentic addiction.
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